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December 22, 2012


Gale Hartman

Hang In there !


you certainly have a way of couching some of life's most painful and grim circumstances into a manageable package for the rest of us...and we really can see inside the package to you and to your heroic efforts to make the best of things. and i'm sure that your gift wrapping of that package for us must help you to manage it in some ways also.
nice also to have a box that you can move into and out of as need be. hugs, pauline

Nancy Raymond

Dearest Ann, I know a little bit what you are feeling. That's when I joined Rev. Churck's group. It helped to be with other women with the same situation. There may be a group at one of the hospitals or they could recommend a counselor for your situation. I will be sending an email that may give you a chuckle. Love ya, Nancy


Hi Mom,
This is definately another very tough time of the year for both of you. I can understand how you must miss him. He is there but not really. I miss him too and am greatful for the calls and for hearing his voice now and then. I wish I could help you. Please remember, I am only a phone call away and I will be happy to listen to you any time.


Patti Jaeger

Hi Ann,
Suzanne keeps me updated pretty well. I know this transition must be very hard to adapt to. You two are strong and have made it through many of ruff challenges. I pray you find peace in this ever changing journey.
We think about you often.
Love Patti

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